“Is What I Say Between Songs Important?”

by on March 14th, 2012

Ever go to a show and watch the performer say any of the following between songs: “This song sounds so much better with my band”….or,  “This is a new song, so I apologize in advance if it totally sucks”…or, “I don’t really know what this song is about, but I think I like it.”


In situations like these, it is actually more positive not to say anything to the crowd and just play your songs.  The stories you tell between songs can be incredibly damaging if delivered this way.  Would you want to continue to follow an artist who constantly prepares you for the worst?  By saying things like this to your audience, you are negatively framing their expectations of what is to come, so no matter how great you actually perform your songs, you have led them to believe that it could be better some other way.  What you say is extremely powerful.  The good news is, this can also be flipped around to be incredibly positive.


If you are going to play, for example, a new song, don’t tell the audience until after you have played it.  This then allows them to form their own interpretations of it, and they will be that much more impressed to find out after the fact that it is so fresh.  Instead of saying things like …”This is a new song, so I hope it that it doesn’t go too badly”…..wait till your done, then say “That is a very new song for me, and I’d love to hear what you guys got from it after the show.”


This takes the same situation and opens it up to further interaction with your audience in a really positive way.  Ultimately, this is the kind of thing that helps your crowd connect and feel apart of what you’re doing, which is why they are coming in the first place.  Make it easy for them.


To learn more about improving your story telling abilities and song transitions, come to our next workshop, “Your Story, and How You Deliver It,” on March 19th, 7-9pm at CocoaNymph off of 10th and Alma.  Admission is the cost of something chocolaty.  Bring your guitar, and be ready to share.  Email simplyorganicstudios@hotmail.ca to register.



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