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Rob Fillo: Unwavering Force in The One Song Challenge 2012

by on Wednesday, October 31st, 2012


It is long awaited and with great pleasure that I announce the winners of the One Song Challenge – Season II, held at Corduroy Lounge this past summer:

First Place: Rob Fillo

Second Place: My Boy Rascal

Third Place: Joline Baylis

(Click on names to hear music)

One Song, in it’s second season, saw many changes compared to it’s debut in 2011, and evolved in ways that further enhanced the community bond between singer/songwriters in Vancouver.  One of the audience and musician favorites this year was the after challenge jams that ensued, and if were not for this season’s winner Rob Fillo, it probably wouldn’t have happened.


Immediately after the first night was about to finish, the exceptionally talented and multi-instrumental singer/songwriter Fillo approached the stage asking if we could jam, and if he could play drums.  From that moment on, every evening followed this format, and watching Rob behind the drums was parallel to watching a fish finding water.  Ignited with the joy, every strike of the kit exuded Rob’s love of music, allowing the beauty of the “jam” to bust through, providing a forum for other artists to let go, which electrified the event.


Fillo was a rock steady force throughout this entire challenge.  Not only is he consistently able to deliver, but the quality of writing and depth/insight in his songs take listeners on incredible rides. From hilarious stories, crowd sing-a-longs, to the rawest emotions and brutal honesty – Rob Fillo truly paints an image of expression with every performance, and isn’t afraid to tell you what he thinks (he’s actually a wicked painter too!).  With all of this, he blazed his way to first prize in the challenge, and has been rewarded with a live performance on location video from Simply Organic Studios.


Second and third place finishers – My Boy Rascal and Joline Baylis – were awarded with a produced song and artist development consultation respectively.  These two artists demonstrated massive amounts of change throughout the challenge (musical and personal), bringing forth incredible songs, from foreign motivational language tunes to kitchen sink jams….literally….all of it made for magical summer nights.


Rob Fillo, My Boy Rascal, and Joline Baylis embody the spirit of music, as it was these 3 that just wanted to plough through their challenges to get to the jam – explosions of music sometimes lasting 45 minutes without stopping, leaving audiences with their jaws on the floor.  Check them out, whenever possible.


Thank you so much to all the musicians involved this year (Shera Kelly, Jen Miller, Tatiana Speed, Mattaeyus Moon, Tim Riopelle, Krista James, all the guest performers), to Corduroy Lounge for hosting the second round of this event, and to the lovely audiences that regularly came to support local live music.